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Get ready for mulching season

Get ready for mulching season

With autumn upon us thoughts turn to mulching, probably the best thing you can do to improve soil quality.

Mulch is magic! It helps to suppress weeds, helps soils retain moisture, improves the texture of the soil as it breaks down and helps protect plant roots from extreme cold and heat. Mulch can be applied to any planting whether newly planted, on existing beds, specimen trees and also on containers. It is best practice to apply mulch to a depth of 5cm and keep mulch away from the stems of shrubs and trees.

We have plenty of options to choose from:

Strulch Mulch. Neutral pH. Lasts up to two years

Bark. 60L bags and bulk bags. Ornamental, Pine Bark Mini, Border Bark, Composted Bark.

Manure. 50L bags and bulk bags

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