Provender Nurseries Control Point

Border Control Point (BCP)

Provender nurseries became a control point (CP) in June 2024, this was so we could continue to unload and have plants inspected on our main site in Swanley, Kent. The reason behind the decision is that we are experts in handling plants and plant products, ranging from all sizes and shapes, and so we wanted to continue doing this, rather than risking the plant material that in some cases has taken 10 + years to grow, from being delayed and/or a reduction in the quality of the product due to the new import process.

Over the next 6 - 12 months we are going to be solely looking after our own plant imports, so we can learn, develop the operations on site, and then when the time comes to start working with other imports / suppliers / hauliers, we can offer the best service possible. 

However, if you would like to talk to us, about the possibility of working with us so you can send your imports through our control point, please contact Stuart Tickner -


Provender Nurseries Control Point will handle - plants & plants products.


Contact Details

Stuart Tickner Head of Nursery, Bio-Security & Production

Email -

Phone - 01322 662315 main office or 07950722327 mobile