Sorbus scalaris

 A delightful Sorbus choice with lovely glossy dark green foliage turns brilliant red and purple in the autumn.  The small flowers are scented too.  Only 10 in stock

Achillea Terracotta

Achillea Terracotta  - A brilliant plant for attracting wildlife to the garden.  The brick orange flowers make a real statement in any border adding a zing of colour.

Slug Gone Wool Pellets

Slug Gone Wool Pellets.

  • Natural organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants.  Soil Association Approved & suitable for organic gardens.  Made from recycled wool. 
  • Form mulch in a 10cm band around the plant with the pellets and wet.  The fibres are an irritant to slugs and the mat also absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot. 

Rust Pot Range

New in and rather contemporary looking is our new range of Rust Finish Pots in fibreglass.  Made with an authentic decorative finish so good you would think they are made of Corten steel.

Perfect for use where weight is an issue on balconies and roof terraces.Included in this range are:

  • Pot Glass Fibre Cube Rust in 30cm, 40cm and 50cm
  • Pot Glass Fibre Cube Fence Rust which are tall and slim and just right for use against a fence, balustrade or where space is limited in 65cm and 80cm lengths
  • Pot Glass Fibre Tall Vase in 38cm, 46cm and 52cm heights
  • Pot Glass Fibre Vase in 26cm and 33cm heights
  • Pot Glass Fibre Window Box Rust in 60cm, 80cm and 100cm lengths

Olives and Biosecurity

Olives and Biosecurity. 

How does it all work?  What guidelines do we as part of the horticultural supply industry have to follow?  What are the benefits to you as a customer? 

The guidelines we follow as a responsible plant supplier are varied but necessary as Olives are now on the EU Tree Notification List which means we have to report to APHA any time we buy any Olive plants in.  As you can imagine with Olives being a popular plant choice this is something we do quite often. 

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