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Corten Steel Garden Features

New in and perfect for pressies, in fact I have treated myself to one, some fabulous Corten Steel garden features.  All are locally made and really can uplift an area in the garden or patio making it more inviting and interesting all year round. 

Corten Steel Spheres.  These look stunning when placed in groups.  An Instagram classic!

Corten Steel Lollipop.  Just brilliant for making a statement in the garden.  They look excellent in the winter light at this time of year too. 

Corten Steel Shepherds Crook.  Perfect for hanging lanterns, hanging baskets and bird feeders from.

Felling chilly? Corten Steel Fire Bowls are just the thing to keep warm while drinking your mulled wine.  These are just as useful in the spring and autumn to extend an evening in the garden.  No, who doesn’t want that?

Covergreen Evergreen Carpet

Covergreen® is ideal.  Quick and easy to install and a product we feel will be a success and a popular choice in 2020.  Covergreen® is a ready to use ground cover that creates an instant impact.  Covergreen® is an evergreen carpet option with a multitude of uses. 

The Covergreen® carpet choices are easy to plant, easy to install, brilliant for sloping areas, creating an instant finish, virtually maintenance free and can also be combined with perennials, bulbs and larger shrubs. The range consists of 9 plant varieties.  Although none of the varieties are new, the way they are presented as a package is new and we feel will appeal. 

Agastache Blue Boa

Agastache ‘Blue Boa’

THE plant for attracting bees to the garden.  Deep violet-blue flowers from summer all the way through the autumn on stems reaching 45cm - 50cm.  Attractive scented foliage too.  Needs full sun and a well drained soil.

Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun

Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun

Eastern Redbud. Apricot coloured foliage in spring maturing yellow, speckled lime green in summer, golden yellow – orange in autumn.  New leaves continue to emerge all summer adding to the overall interest and foliage colour mix of Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun throughout the season.  Rose-pink flowers are borne on bare stems in spring before the leaves emerge.  Height 3 – 4m. 

Parrotia persica Persian Spire

Parrotia persica Persian Spire has a narrow upright habit.  The purple foliage turns to dark green with a dramatic purple edger to the foliage.  The foliage in the autumn takes on a fantastic yellow, orange and red colour.  Although Parrotia are well known for large gardens Persian Spire reaches 3m in height and is perfect for planting in smaller gardens. 

Fascicularia bicolour

Looking for something a little different?  Then look no further….. we have sunshine in a plant here!

Fascicularia bicolour - A tropical terrestrial bromeliad originating from Chile that is more than happy in the UK in a sunny, sunny, very well drained site.  The leaves are grey-green and toothed along the edges.  In autumn the base of the leaves take on a dramatic red hue around dense rosettes of light blue flowers.  Ideal for gravel gardens, dry areas, coastal gardens, wall planting, patios, rockeries and containers. 

Hydrangea arborescens Grandiflora

Grand it certainly is! Stunning paniculata type creamy white florets are produced in abundance in late summer held on stems reaching 1.5m to almost 3m in height in late summer through to the autumn.  A real statement plant with a good bushy habit.  The flowers become tinged pink with age.  Perfect for the middle of a border and they do look particularly effective when planted in groups. 

Caryopteris - not to be overlooked.

Ideal shrub for late summer colour

Caryopteris is pretty unassuming early on in the year.  Then in the late summer months it certainly comes into its own with deep blue flowers and silvery grey aromatic foliage.  Ideal for the middle of a border reaching again an unassuming 60cm in height.  But do not overlook this plant -it is a silent stalwart for any sunny area and will reward you as all others fade. 

Love a bit of Liquorice

Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis is closely related to Liquorice.  It is an unusual shrubby perennial growing to 2m in one season.  The small light purple flowers are held on upright stems and followed by interesting spiky, hairy seed pods.  The seed pods last through the autumn and winter and change from green to purple to brown.  Perfect for flower arrangers and informal cottage garden style planting. 

This lovely Liquorice plant is happy in sun to partial shade in a well drained soil and is generally used in mixed borders for maximum effect.   

Now - that is handsome

Schefflera actinophylla, Queensland Umbrella Tree is an unusual evergreen shrub for the plant lovers out there.  In the right situation this can reach up to 3m in height and 2m spread, perfect for a tropical look.

The glossy large rather handsome leaves add a touch of drama and are a good alternative to Fatsia japonica in tropical gardens.  Small red flowers are produced on mature plants followed by small black berries. 

Originating from Australia this shrub enjoys sun to partial shade in a moist but well drained soil. 

We currently have some excellent specimen plants in stock at 1.5m tall - ready to make a statement 

Magnolia March til Frost

A stunning Magnolia that flowers from March through to September.  An unusual find but here it is at Provender Nurseries.  Large tulip-shape blooms of 10-20cm diameter are borne irregularly from March til Frost as the name suggests.  The blooms are pale pink to dark purple.  A good option for the smaller garden too reaching 5m in height.  As with all magnolia it requires an ericaceous soil.  Available in 12L pots at a height of 1.75m.  Only 9 available

Nymphaea. Water Lily.

It is a wet day today so what better day to highlight Water Lilies.  They are the perfect plant for slow moving or still water.   Exotic blooms are freely produced in the summer.  They provide a haven for wildlife with the leaves providing shade and shelter for small fish and other aquatic wildlife.  Most Nympahea need a water depth between 40 to 90cm depending on variety. 

Verbena rigida

Smaller than Verbena bonariensis with clusters of scented purple flowers on upright stems Verbena rigida is perfect for the front of a border.  This little beauty will flower all summer long.  Get down for a sniff – it’s well worth it!

Albizia julibrissin Ombrella

Persian Silk Tree.  A small spreading graceful tree with puffs of fluffy pink flowers produced in late summer – autumn.  Best in full sun and a well drained soil. 

We also have other Albizia to choose from including Summer Chocolate with purple leaves

Fargesia – the little brother of Bamboos

Clump forming evergreen Bamboos that reach a max of 2m - 3m in height Fargesia are a lot more accommodating than the larger better known Phyllostachys. 

Great for screening in smaller garden where they do not run and create tight masses of foliage that are perfect either planted on their own or as foils for other plants.  Many Fargesia have a slightly weeping habit which makes them a great choice for something a little architectural in the border or in pots. 

Planted alongside exotic plants such as Musa you can have a funky foliage display in the late summer months. 

Hydrangea aspera Hot Chocolate

Good enough to drink in.  For something that stands out from the Hydrangea crowd you cannot go far wrong with this delightful alternative to the paniculata types. 

Hydrangea aspera Hot Chocolate has large lacecap pink flowers from May to October. Chocolate-brown foliage with burgundy undersides turning green. Height to 2 metres

Disporum cantoniense Moonlight

Disporum cantoniense Moonlight.  Chinese Fairy Bells

A delightful new cultivar with clusters of white flowers from late spring to summer.  The graceful arching stems hold the silver – green variegated foliage which is slightly twisted early in the season and then takes on purple-pink hues in the autumn.  Happy in a shady position in a moist soil and reaches a height of 60cm or so.  Great for a woodland aspect or brightening up a shady corner.  Plant with Fatsia japonica Spiders Web for some light relief in a dark spot. 

Big Leaf Love

Catalpa erubescens Purpurea is a stunning tree with large purple leaves almost tear drop in shape.  The leaves emerge dark dramatic purple in the spring and gradually fade to a lighter purple in the summer months.  In July and until October panicles of white flowers that have markings of yellow and purple appear adding to the all over appeal.  Long bean pod seed cases are produced after flowering giving rise to the common name – Indian Bean Tree

A great tree for the tropical look and resistant to Honey Fungus too. 

Sorbus scalaris

 A delightful Sorbus choice with lovely glossy dark green foliage turns brilliant red and purple in the autumn.  The small flowers are scented too.  Only 10 in stock

Achillea Terracotta

Achillea Terracotta  - A brilliant plant for attracting wildlife to the garden.  The brick orange flowers make a real statement in any border adding a zing of colour.

Slug Gone Wool Pellets

Slug Gone Wool Pellets.

  • Natural organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants.  Soil Association Approved & suitable for organic gardens.  Made from recycled wool. 
  • Form mulch in a 10cm band around the plant with the pellets and wet.  The fibres are an irritant to slugs and the mat also absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot. 

Rust Pot Range

New in and rather contemporary looking is our new range of Rust Finish Pots in fibreglass.  Made with an authentic decorative finish so good you would think they are made of Corten steel.

Perfect for use where weight is an issue on balconies and roof terraces.Included in this range are:

  • Pot Glass Fibre Cube Rust in 30cm, 40cm and 50cm
  • Pot Glass Fibre Cube Fence Rust which are tall and slim and just right for use against a fence, balustrade or where space is limited in 65cm and 80cm lengths
  • Pot Glass Fibre Tall Vase in 38cm, 46cm and 52cm heights
  • Pot Glass Fibre Vase in 26cm and 33cm heights
  • Pot Glass Fibre Window Box Rust in 60cm, 80cm and 100cm lengths

Olives and Biosecurity

Olives and Biosecurity. 

How does it all work?  What guidelines do we as part of the horticultural supply industry have to follow?  What are the benefits to you as a customer? 

The guidelines we follow as a responsible plant supplier are varied but necessary as Olives are now on the EU Tree Notification List which means we have to report to APHA any time we buy any Olive plants in.  As you can imagine with Olives being a popular plant choice this is something we do quite often. 

You can read more here