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Feed your soil for fabulous plants with 6X

Feed your soil for fabulous plants with 6X

A healthy soil results in happy healthy plants that can withstand attacks from pests and diseases, good microbe activity that encourages healthy roots and improves organic content of the soil.  What better way to feed the soil and plants than using 6X, a highly effective and economical product for feeding soils, flower beds, vegetable beds, and shrubs and trees.

6X Fibrous Natural Fertiliser 15kg.  100% natural chicken manure fertilisers.  One bag is equivalent to 6 bags of farm manure. 

6X Pelleted Chicken Fertiliser 8kg / 20kg.  Odour free chicken manure pellets.  Up to 8 times more concentrated than traditional farmyard manure.  Easy to use pellets.  Apply at 140-200g per metre square.   

One application will work throughout the season, so pop it on the soil, let the worms do the work, forget for the rest of the growing season, sit back and watch your plants grow happily and healthily. 

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