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Proven Winners - Oak-Leaved Hydrangea

Proven Winners - Oak-Leaved Hydrangea

Now it is no secret that here at Provender Nurseries we are great fans of Hydrangea quercifolia with their large dramatic oak-shaped leaves and stunning autumn colour.  The leaves are large and leathery making them strangely more appealing. 

However the flowers of Hydrangea quercifolia also make you stop and take note.  The long panicles of flowers are freely produced on the end of the stout stems in the summer and last through to the autumn.  The flowers of the Gatsby Series change in colour as they fade extending the season of interest.  These Hydrangea can be happily planted in amongst other flowering shrubs and can make an impressive sight when planted en masse. 

In the Proven Winners® range there are some brilliant Hydrangea quercifolia to select from:


Gatsby Moon                                                                            Gatsby Star                         Gatsby Pink