Proven Winners®: The #1 Plant Brand®

Proven Winners is an international plant genetics network and brand for quality plants. All Proven Winners plants are thoroughly tested for their uniqueness, reliability and quality, and are often protected with plant breeder rights. This is a small selection of the Proven Winners® range. To view more of the Proven Winners® range please visit Provender Nurseries large cash and carry in Kent or click here to view more.

Landscaping with Proven Winners shrubs

Proven Winners offers a continuously expanding selection of shrubs that are very suitable for the landscaping market. Varieties that offer benefits like durability & adaptability, low maintenance, non-invasiveness, drought tolerance, compact growth habit and suitability for mass plantings. Proven Winners shrubs are a great choice for landscape professionals as they will deliver exceptional quality, beauty, performance and something unique and interesting to the landscape.

Buddleja Chip® ‘Blue Chip’

The Chip series are non-invasive and all have a compact growing habit greatly reducing the need for pruning. The Chip Series can be used for mass planting on any soil. Blue Chip has blue flowers. Attractive to wildlife. Any soil. Also available in the Chip Series: Lilac Chip, Pink Micro Chip®, Purple Chip and White Chip®. 

Dimensions: H 90 - 125 cm,  S 60 - 90 cm. Flowering period: July - September


Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’

An excellent choice for larger landscape sites. Strong growing shrub. Fragrant red flowers. Strong glossy foliage. Drought tolerant. Repeat flowering. Any soil.   

Dimensions: H 175 - 200 cm,  S 150 - 180 cm. Flowering period: May - September

Chaenomeles ‘Scarlet Storm’

The Storm Series are thornless, do not produce fruit and are drought resistant making them ideal for landscape planting. Scarlet Storm has abundant double deep red flowers early in the season. Repeat flowering all season long. Tolerates clay soil. Also in the Storm series; Mango, Orange and Pink.

Dimensions: H 120 - 150 cm,  S 120 - 150 cm. Flowering period: April – May

Diervilla Kodiak® Orange

The Kodiak® Series are tolerant of all soils including clay, great for all aspects including shaded areas and have a long flowering period. A good landscape choice as they are tough, easy to maintain. These Diervilla can be pruned with mowers stimulating ground shoots. Drought tolerant. Kodiak® Orange has bright orange foliage in the autumn.  Also available in Kodiak® range is Kodiak Red and Kodiak Black. 

Dimensions: H 90 - 120 cm, S 60 - 90 cm. Flowering period: July – October.

Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom®

The Yuki Series are compact in habit and are an excellent choice for mass planting in landscaping. Well suited for slopes. Yuki Cherry Blossom® is a fast growing groundcover with pink flowers and a very dense habit allowing for less weed control. Also available with pure white flowers is Yuki Snowflake®. 

Dimensions: H 30 - 60 cm  S: 60 - 90 cm. Flowering period: April - May

Hydrangea paniculata Little Quick Fire®

Earlier to flower than most Hydrangea paniculata. Dwarf in habit. White flowers turn to pink extending the season of interest from spring to autumn. Very strong branches. Other paniculata types in the Proven Winners® range are Fire Light and Pinkachu®.

Dimensions: H 100 - 125  S: 90cm - 120cm. Flowering period: June - October

Hypericum Sunny Boulevard

Excellent landscape choice for mass ground cover planting. Easy to maintain. Very long flowering period. Supports dryer growing conditions. Compact in habit, useful to suppress weed growth. 

Dimensions: H 60 - 90 cm S: 60 - 90 cm. Flowering period: July - October

Spiraea Double Play® Big Bang

The Double Play® Series are easy to grow, compact in habit and have excellent new foliage colour in the spring. An ideal choice for mass planting due to the low maintenance requirements. Double Play® Big Bang is happy in partial shade. Pink flowers. A neat mounded shape with little pruning required. Also available in the Double Play® Series are Artist, Blue Kazoo (with white flowers), Gold and Red.

Dimensions: H 50 - 75 cm  Spread: 30cm – 60cm. Flowering period: May – June

Weigela Colourtwist® Sunny Side

The Colourtwist® series are known for their long lasting big flowers produced in masses. Easy to grow and tolerant of many soils. Ideal for use in large landscaping projects. Colourtwist® Sunny Side Up has pure white flowers with a yellow throat. Also available in the Colourtwist® series are Twopink and Trilogy.

Dimensions: H 120 - 150 cm  S: 60 - 90 cm.  Flowering period: May - June  

This is a small selection of the Proven Winners® range. To view more of the Proven Winners® range please visit Provender Nurseries large cash and carry in Kent or click here to view more.