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Olives - a dazzling array

Olives - a dazzling array

We have a dazzling array of Olives on site at present.  Richard has been shopping and chosen some delightful specimens for you.  Especially tagged and imported for your perusal.  Come in and have a look around. 

Olive plants are one of the most popular plants to hit the UK from the continent in the last 20 or so years.  Behind every Olive tree there is a lot of history. 

Un-rivalled for its role in cultures throughout history the olive tree is one of the most mentioned cultivated plants in recorded history.  Mediterranean, Asia and parts of Africa the olive has been an important building block of many ancient cultures.  The tree itself represents peace and happiness, wood is highly valued by woodworkers and the oil is a symbol of goodness and purity.  The leaves were used as a symbol of wealth and peace and used in crowns for victors of friendly contests.  The oil is also considered sacred and was used to anoint kings in ancient Greece.  Leaves of the olive tree were even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.  So with an olive tree in your garden you would be in pretty good company! 

The  varying sizes, ages, shapes and forms is quite mind boggling with standards, old bark mature standards, multiballs, mini Bonsai, mushroom shaped, cloud pruned,  flat cloud, half standards, standards, bonsai,  clipped heads, Tuscan cone, clipped half standard,  pom-poms, balls and good old fashioned bushes!  We recommend that Olive plants are tagged by yourselves as the form and aged bark on many plant options is such a personal choice.  Come in, have a look around and see if there is an Olive waiting here for your client.  All of our Olive plants on site are responsibly sourced according to DEFRA Guidelines and have been checked by DEFRA. 

Frost tolerant, easy to maintain, sturdy and robust.  The olive is a fantastic addition to any garden whether in the ground or in containers.  (Olives in the UK will produce fruit; however they are not edible due to climatic constraints.)  Drought tolerant and slow growing an Olive tree of any size or shape will make an impressive statement.  Olives are also the ultimate in recycling with most plants available today having been saved from old olive groves.

We could not get to this point without mentioning Xylella as Olives have been in the trade press frequently over the last year or so.  As a responsible supplier of plants we work continuously with DEFRA, APHA and our suppliers who have undergone strict tests and questionnaires created with DEFRA.  All of our Olive plants are responsibly sourced according to DEFRA Guidelines.  Follow this link to Provender Nurseries Biosecurity Statement.  

Painted by Van Gogh, cited by Sophocles as ‘the tree that feeds the children’ and printed on roman coinage – this truly is a majestic choice.