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Biosecurity and Plant Health Policy

This document outlines Provender Nurseries policy on biosecurity & plant health. We take all aspects of bio-security & plant health very seriously. This document will be reviewed on a monthly basis to keep up to date with the changes in legislation brought in by government agencies.

Our objective is to supply the highest quality plants. To do these we carry out regular visits to our suppliers to hand pick our stock whilst also checking their biosecurity standards and doing our own risk register assessment on our suppliers.

At Provender Nurseries the Nursery Production & Bio-Security Manager is the dedicated person responsible for the biosecurity & plant health and APHA’s direct contact within the business. It is the nursery production & bio-security manager’s job to keep up to date with all the latest legislations and changes for importing stock from European and non-European countries, to reduce the risk of bringing in and spread of any regulated pest and diseases. Whilst also passing on the information down through the rest of the business, making sure everyone in the company understands their roles and responsibilities for bio-security. Provender Nurseries uses a wide range of plant suppliers, as a result of this we screen all of them with regular questionnaires regarding their biosecurity & plant health principles, along with the questionnaires we carry out yearly visits to them when we hand picking the stock we bring it in to Provender Nurseries.

As an importer we are required by law to notify APHA (part of DEFRA organisation), when we import certain stock lines. These plant lines can be found on the DEFRA Plant Health Portal (  Once on site the plants will be inspected by our plant health inspector and as a result of this our customers may be visited by APHA to inspect the plants if they have already been delivered. Traceability of our stock is important to Provender Nurseries, so all of our plant labels contain the SRSF plant passport label box, which contains our plant passport number, along with any required PFA (Pest Free Area’s) codes, and the supplier countries code. Our plants can be traced forward to all of our customers and traced back to the supplier / country where they came from and when.   Please note this is government policy and all of our stock is checked internally by our nursery manager on arrival and before the delivery takes place. If you have any concerns, over biosecurity & plant health or APHA visiting you, please feel free to contact Provender Nurseries, on 01322 622315 or email - [email protected]

Provender Nurseries feels that training and education is a vital aspect of biosecurity & plant health on site. This is why we carry out staff training regularly throughout the year, either internally or with our APHA inspector coming in to train our staff. It is also just as important to train and teach our customers on the amount of work that goes into biosecurity & plant health behind the scenes and explain why there may be an extended waiting time for the stock to come in from deliveries.   

How Provender Nurseries Plan on achieving its Biosecurity & Plant Health policy

Biosecurity is always changing and moving forwards. Provender Nurseries will achieve this by the following;

  • Provender Nurseries directors and management team working closely together and sharing the responsibilities for biosecurity & plant health, from buying in stock to the despatch of stock and having this as a main topic of the managers meetings.
  • Involving all the staff from full time, part time, student work experience, office to nursery staff being on board with the biosecurity & plant health policy.
  • Continued staff training and development.
  • Comply with all new and old legislation brought in by government bodies.
  • To review this Policy on a monthly basis.
  • Membership of trade bodies, BALI & HTA.
  • To carry out “Pest Risk Analysis” on the plant species we hold, to mitigate the risk of spreading pest & disease.

What can you as the staffs of Provender Nurseries do to implement the Biosecurity & Plant Health policy?

The staff are the most import part of this policy and we require them to carry out their roles to the best of their ability whilst taking the following into the scope of your roles;

  • Attend any training courses held internally or externally.
  • Be mindful of any problems around site and report them to the nursery manager.
  • Clean all tools after use to avoid any spread of diseases.
  • Use extra care whilst unloading deliveries.
  • To check for any biosecurity & plant health issues.
  • Keep accurate records when any stock is sold or wasted, and record the reasons why they were wasted.
  • Keep up to date on the changes in policies internally and government policies, by reading memos and asking questions.