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Dasylirion. Truly striking

Dasylirion.  Truly striking

Dasylirion are one of our favourite plants here at Provender Nurseries.  They are reminiscent of a burst of fireworks with an almost spherical display of their foliage creating a dramatic outline to the plant overall. Being a hardy succulent, they look like a touch of the desert in suburbia.

Ideal for arid gardens requiring sharp drainage in beds, borders, pots and cool atriums. Dasylirion will form a woody trunk in time adding to the structural look.

Dasylirion longissimum has leaves that can eventually reach up to 1m in length

Dasylirion serratifolium can reach up to 90cm and has cute little small hair-like tufts on the end of each leaf

Dasylirion wheeleri has glaucous leaves with small reddish hooked spines along the leaf edge

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