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Inkarho Rhododendrons

Previously Rhododendrons only grew on acidic soils thus limiting the choices for where they can be used in planting projects. However Inkarho Rhododendrons now banish this frustrating problem to the past. In fact Inkarho Rhododendrons provide a real solution to a very real problem.

The secret to Inkarho Rhododendrons' success lies underground in the root system. Popular hardy hybrids and yakushimanum Rhododendrons are grafted onto lime tolerant (Inkarho) rootstocks resulting in a Rhododendron that will tolerate all soils, even heavy clay. This innovation in Rhododendron breeding allows you a wide choice of hardy, attractive coloured hybrids to plant in otherwise once prohibited places. This inspirational idea originates from nurserymen in Germany who have taken 20 years of research to come up with a rootstock with new features.

A selection of Inkarho Rhododendrons are kept on site at Provender Nurseries, see our stocklist for up to date listing. For more information on Inkarho Rhododendrons visit the Inkarho website at http://www.inkarho.de

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Inkarho Rhododendrons

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