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Where people, plants and products come together...
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We sell a wide range of products. As a trade account customer you can now purchase them online. The list below gives an overview of what we sell here at Provender Nurseries, but if you would like more information do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find plroducts using the website's search box.

What we sell


  • A comprehensive range of Decorative Aggregates, Feature Stones, Sands, Grits, Gravels, Setts and Paving Stones
  • Pebbles, Cobbles, Chippings, Kent Ragstone
  • Feature Stones ranging in colour and sizes to perfectly finish off that garden feature
  • Sands- building sand, play sand. Grit - ornamental & horticultural
  • Many available in bulk bags for competitive prices

Our calculators will help to calculate the volume and number of bags needed.

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Barks, Composts & Soils

  • Ornamental bark for borders, composted bark for mulching and Playbark (Conforms to British Standard BS7188 & BS4790)
  • Composts & Soils - Topsoil, multi purpose composts, mushroom compost, ericaceous. Professional planting composts.
  • Bespoke and specialist mixes are available - please ask for details.
  • Rosedale multi purpose compost - Provender Nurseries very own soil mix
  • Many available in bulk bags for competitive prices
  • Top dressing - Bespoke and specialist mixes are available - please ask for details.
  • Including soil improvers such as manure and organic compost

Our calculators will help to calculate the volume and number of bags needed.

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Chemicals, Weedkillers & Fertilisers

  • A range of chemicals - Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides for professional use and enthusiasts, available in small boxes, re-sealable buckets and 25kg bags.
  • Weed-killers for use on lawns and hard surfaces. Moss-killer for lawns & hard surfaces. Path & Patio cleaner. Bramble killer.
  • Fertilisers for use on borders, trees, shrubs, containers, roses and lawns. Specific and general fertilisers in stock.
  • Myccorhizal fungi. Tree stump remover.
  • Lawn Sand

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Clothing & Safety Equipment

  • Gloves, safety boots, HI-Vis vests, ear defenders, knee pads, face masks, waterproof clothing.
  • A range of gardening clothes aimed specifically at the lady gardener.

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Fabrics & Netting

  • Netting for climbing plants, protective fleece, root barrier and landscape fabrics.
  • Weed control fabrics available in a range of sizes and durability. Fabric pegs
  • Bubble wrap. Capillary matting

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Fencing & Screening

Everything you need to install fencing, trelliswork and pergolas. Pressure treated to protect against rot. More lines and styles are available please call our sales team for a brochure and price list.

A further range of fencing panels, gates, pergolas and other accessories are available

  • Fencing, Trellis, Gravel boards and all the associated accessories you would need.
  • Decorative Corten Steel panels to add a touch of drama and privacy to a designed space
  • Made from 100% recycled steel, hedgehog friendly and laser cut for precision

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Grass Seed, Flower & Vegetable Seeds

  • A range of professional grass seeds to create the perfect lawn.
  • A range of wildflower seed mixes are held in stock. Others are available to order - please ask for details
  • Vegetable and Ornamental Flower Seeds - perfect for school projects and allotments.

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Home, Garden & Wildlife

  • String, Wire, Vine eyes. Tree ties & buckles. Rabbit guards. Hanging basket brackets & liners. Ornamental screening. Plant labels. Tarpaulin. Tip bags. Rubbish bags. Heavy duty sacks. Garden mesh. Garden stock fencing. Obelisks. Gaffa Tape. Lighting. Artificial plants. Line Marker.
  • Peanuts and wild bird seed. Bird feeders & bird tables. Koi sticks & pond pellets.
  • Deterrents for wildlife - Grazon, rat & mouse killer, codling moth traps etc..

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Irrigation, Ponds & Pumps

  • Everything you could need to water a garden build a pond or set up an automatic irrigation system.
  • Water computers, hoses, hose reels, sprinklers, fixtures & fittings, soaker hoses, tap connectors, water reservoirs, rain diverter kits, water butts and watering cans.
  • Butyl liner - cut to length & pumps in a range of sizes - please check for details

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  • Lighting adds the finishing touch to many a project.
  • Many are solar powered eliminating the need for electricity

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Pots, Baskets & Trays

A huge range of ornamental pots for every planting situation. If you are interested in sizes and prices please contact one of our sales team for options and prices.

  • Traditional Terracotta - Hand crafted with good colouration and durable. A range of shapes and sizes including florentine, egg pots cubes and traditional flower pots
  • Plastic Terracotta - All the qualities and appeal of traditional terracotta made of plastic with a truly authentic terracotta look. Ideal for use on balconies, terraces, rooftop and interior situations
  • Lightweight Fibrestone - Made from fibreglass with the stone powder added gives a solid, heavy feel. Long lasting, frost resistant.
  • Ironstone and Old Ironstone -Ironstone has a dark natural finish. Old Ironstone has a slightly aged look. Ideal for use with large specimen plants to create a statement
  • Glazed Planters - Traditional malaysian style pots with blue or green glazed finishes for use in the garden, conservatory and interiors.
  • Slate & Hardwood - Moulded cement shape with hand crafted slate pieces arranged decoratively around the outside. Wooden cubes and troughs made from FSC certified tropical
  • Corten Steel and Metal Finishes - Corten Steel was originally developed for bridge building due to its incredible strength. Includes firebowls and water tables
  • Plastic Modern - Lightweight and perfect for use on rooftops in a range of vibrant colours. Fade resistant colour as pigment is incorporated all the way through the plastic. Available in 5 hot colours

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Sleepers, Stakes

  • A range of high quality sleepers held in stock - perfect for all landscape projects. See listing for sizes.
  • Trellis
  • Tree stakes - many sizes held in stock. Hardwood and Softwood are available.
  • Bamboo Canes - available in a range of sizes, singly and in bundles

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Tools & Hardware

  • Planting tools - spades, forks, trowels and trenching spades.
  • Pruning tools - secateurs, saws, loppers and shears. Spare blades available on certain lines.
  • Rakes - a range of rakes for all uses
  • General tools - Hoes, edging irons, axes, mattocks, hammers, shovels, snow shovels, litter pickers, brooms, wheelbarrows.
  • Tree anchoring systems.
  • Sprayers & Spreaders - for use with chemicals, fertilisers and grass seed.
  • Rite-edge Lawn edging.
  • Tool replacement handles. Replacement blades

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Turf & Artificial Turf

  • Fresh Turf is available to order. To place an order for turf, please phone and order before 12 noon for delivery the following day. Turf is delivered to our site in the morning ready for collection. Direct deliveries can also be arranged via our supplier for orders over the minimum order of 50m2.
  • A range of artificial turf is held on site. Width 2m x any length you require.
  • For more information, please contact David Topping on 01322 619929 or david.topping@provendernurseries.co.uk

Click here to go to our turf calculator which will help you to calculate the number of rolls / turf needed.

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