Colourful Cornus

Colourful Cornus

We have some new Cornus this year joining the colourful crew.   Let us introduce you to:

Cornus sericea Cardinal Medium sized shrub with yellow - orange stems with bright red tips that come into their own in the winter

Cornus sericea Bud’s Yellow Yellow- green stems in the winter

Cornus sanguinea Anny’s Winter Orange  Warm shades of orange and gold stems

The new crew join the already well known and loved winter coloured stemmed Cornus below:

Cornus alba Baton Rouge Bright red stems

Cornus alba Elegantissima Bright red stems.  Green and silver variegated leaves. 

Cornus alba Kesselringii Black stems, almost purple.  Excellent when planted with other Cornus

Cornus alba Sibirica  Crimson winter stems

Cornus sericea Flaviramea Bright green – yellow winter stems

Cut all winter colour stemmed Cornus back hard in the spring to encourage new wood that will colour again ready for next winters display. 


Cornus sericea Cardinal                                                   Cornus sericea Bud’s Yellow    Cornus sanguinea Anny’s Winter Orange


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