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G Whizz those Geranium are looking grrrrrrreat

G Whizz those Geranium are looking grrrrrrreat

There is no need for an introduction of herbaceous Geranium at this time of year or even all the way to the end of the summer.  With a Geranium you are guaranteed colour for a long time in a myriad of colours, heights and foliage forms.  Geranium will withstand a wide range of situations and are perfect bedfellows to many other plants- ferns, trees, grasses, shrubs and other perennials. 

Geranium sylvaticum Album has light green foliage and large white flowers from May to June

Geranium sylvaticum Mayflower has dark blue flowers from May to August

Geranium Johnson’s Blue needs no introduction. 

Geranium Brookside is a brilliant substitute for Johnsons Blue  

Want to have a look at some more options?  Follow this link to see what else is flowering in the Geranium world.  


Johnson's Blue                      sylvaticum Album                  sylvaticum Mayflower