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Take time to smell the roses

Take time to smell the roses

A fantastic proverb and one that in all honesty we should live by day by day.

Roses are the epitome of an English garden but don’t let that limit your imagination for uses.  There is a place for Roses in Mediterranean, formal, informal and of course cottage gardens. 

Roses come in many shapes, sizes, scents and habits and this time of year is when they can be appreciated at their very best. 

We love a scented rose and have sniffed some out for you below:

Chapeau de Napoleon.  This gorgeous bundle of a rose has a crinkly, bizarre yet attractive green flower bud that open to reveal the bright pink double scented flowers.  I think I need to make more room in the garden again for this one.

Deep Secret is one for the old romantic in you.  Deep red flowers with a delicious fragrance

Dublin Bay is a climbing rose with clusters of bright crimson scented flowers

Ebb Tide is a new rose for me.  I’ve not heard of it before and have yet to see it flower.  It sounds delicious with plum purple flowers held in clusters and producing a sweet scent. 

Fragrant Delight.  Well, that should be just as is named.  A light orange – salmon rose with a yellow centre and is strongly scented to boot

Dunwich Rose.  A mound of pale lemon flowers on arching branches – sounds lovely. 

Roseraie de l’Hay.  You will know this one by scent alone.  Huge double purple flowers with yellow stamens.  Highly scented


Chapeau de Napoleon                                                                      Dunwich Rose                        Roseraie de l’Hay