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7.7.5L Deciduous and semi-evergreen ferns

7.7.5L Deciduous and semi-evergreen ferns

We all love ferns and there is a space for a Fern in every garden without doubt.  There is a great deal of interest that can be found in the fern world with contrasting foliage shape, size colour and form. 

If you want to make a statement then a fern can easily provide as much interest as any flowering herbaceous option. 

Sometimes size does matter and only a large plant will do.  Ferns in 7.5L pots are just the ticket for creating a dollop of drama where needed.

We have some excellent deciduous and semi-evergreen 7.5L options on site including:

Dryopteris cycadina.  A favourite off ours at the moment.  Semi-evergreen with a rosette forming shape with black hairy stems reminiscent of spiders legs (but nicer!) and bold dark green foliage.  Height 60cm

Athyrium nip. Pictum.  Not often seen in larger than 3L pots the striking foliage colours of silver-grey- fronds edged green are held on wine red stems and will fill a space perfectly.  Height 60cm 

Dryopteris erythrosora.  A striking fern that can be considered semi-evergreen in milder areas.  The young fronds appear bronze in colour and mature to dark green.  Height 60cm

Osmunda regalis.  The new foliage unfurls so sedately but still provides a bang.  The fresh green fronds turn rich colours in the autumn.  Used to great effect in Saville Gardens where it is planted alongside Rhododendron luteum. Height 120cm to 130cm  

Rumohra aristata Variegata.  This delightful fern has green fronds with a central gold stripe along the midrib.  Height 30cm


Dryopteris cycadina                  Athyrium nip. Pictum                 Osmunda regalis                     Rumohra aristata Variegata