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Trachelospermum. Sit back and enjoy

Trachelospermum.  Sit back and enjoy

The perfect climber for a sunny spot.  Trachelospermum jasminoides is a brilliant plant that works its socks off all year round –glossy, evergreen foliage that takes on a red-bronze colour in the colder months and oodles of star-shaped scented flowers in the summer.

Trachelospermum are virtually pest free, virtually maintenance free and is self clinging too.  Once planted there is very little else to do. 

Needing a sunny spot that is reasonably sheltered from cold winds and planting near a seating area or doorway where the scent can be appreciated is a must. 

We have a few options, shapes and sizes on site for you all shiny new leaves and bursting with bud: 

180cm – 200cm height in a 5L pot – by far our most popular choice and excellent value for money. 

300cm – 350cm height in a 30L pot if you want something a little taller. 

Panels 120cm x 120cm are ideal for creating a scented summer hideaway

Arches 30L Perfect for a dramatic entrance.