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Rhododendron MAYhem

Rhododendron MAYhem

Nothing says MAY quite like a Rhododendron.  It is everyone’s go to plant when acidic soil is mentioned.  And, well, why not?  Such an array of foliage, height, form and flower colour in one group of plants is not to be overlooked. 

Rhododendrons rose to the height of their popularity in the Victorian era and have continued to hold their own ever since.  Valuable as stand-alone plants, planted in borders, planted in groups for a floral display, happy in pots and even small hedging varieties there is something to please everyone in our range. 

In April, May and June Rhododendrons never disappoint.  Provender Nurseries currently have over 50 varieties in stock ranging from pure white to deep passionate purple.  Held on site in our Rhododendron house we have some fantastically structured plants, positively dripping with buds that are just beginning to burst open with huge blousy flowers.


Cosmopolitan                             Cunningham’s White                   Goldkrone                                      Graziella                                Horizon Monarch