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Cercis – ticks all the boxes

Cercis – ticks all the boxes

A Cercis just ticks all the boxes you are looking for.  An already deservedly popular choice that now has some new additions thanks to plant breeders.  Realising the demand for trees for smaller gardens Cercis have had a make over.  All have the heart shaped leaves that Cercis are renowned for, flower on bare stems in the spring and all are under 5m in total height. 

All Cercis like partial shade in a well drained soil.  Other than that – easy!

We have some cracking new varieties of 150to 175 or 175 to 200cm, feathered and in 18L pots.  Perfect for small gardens ad with such a varied choice of leaf colours to select from there should be one to suit any planting scheme.  Some are weeping in habit and

  • Alley Cat.  White streaked, copper pink leaves variegated leaves.  Dark pink flowers.   Originally found growing in an alley – hence the name! 
  • Cascading Hearts.  Copper coloured young leaves and yellow in the autumn.  Lavender-pink flowers. 
  • Carolina Sweetheart.  Maroon coloured leaves when emerging that mature to green with s mottled white margin.    
  • Hearts of Gold.  Bright golden leaves.  New foliage emerges red.  Rounded and spreading shape. Purple spring flowers with new yellow foliage contrasts strikingly with darker older foliage.  Leaves darker at the centre.  H 3-5m
  • Merlot.  Leaves are deep purple-red in colour, turning green by mid summer.  Deep pink – purple flowers in spring.  Noted for tolerance to drought and heat tolerant. Upright habit.  H 3-4m
  • Ruby Falls.  Rose purple flowers in spring.  Red-purple leaves.  Compact weeping habit.  H 2-3m 
  • The Rising Sun.  Rose-pink flowers in spring.  Heart-shaped foliage that emerges apricot- deep golden orange and matures through shades of orange, gold and yellow to a speckled lime green.  H 3-4m
  • Vanilla Twist.  Weeping cultivar with twisted arching branches.  Stunning white blossom in spring.  Dark green glossy leaves.  H2.5m.  S 1.5m


Alley Cat.                               Carolina Sweetheart             Merlot                                   Vanilla Twist.