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Buxus Blight and Box Moth Caterpillar treatments

Buxus Blight and Box Moth Caterpillar treatments

Buxus seems to have really had its share of bad luck over the last few years with Box Blight and Box Tree Moth Caterpillar.  It seems that everything is out there to get Box there are some measures that can be taken to help keep plants healthy or to monitor and break the life cycle of Box Moth Caterpillar.   Some clients still like to use Box so it is in their interest to use some products that will help Box to thrive where possible. 

A healthy plant is a happy plant.  This mantra fits all plants in reality.  A well fed plant is less stressed and more able to fight blight and other pests and diseases such as Buxus Blight.  Whether Buxus is in the ground, in containers, trimmed to shape or planted as a hedge a regular feed will work wonders. 

2 feeds that are specifically manufactured for Buxus and help to prevent Buxus blight are:

Vitax Buxus Feed.  1Kg and 5kg.  

A slow release granular feed that can be used when planting at the base of the planting hole or as a surface dressing that promotes dense, healthy growth.  Contains trace elements and high nitrogen to promote and sustain healthy growth. 

Topbuxus Health Mix.  10, 40 and 100 tablet re-sealable tub.  Refill packs also available

A liquid feed that contains trace elements on a 100% natural base. It protects Buxus by making them stronger and therefore more resistant to diseases like Box Blight. Use by dissolving one tablet in 1L of water, allow to dissolve for 10 minutes and then spray onto the foliage. 1L will treat 10 square metres of Buxus.

If you want to tackle the Box Tree Caterpillar, then this is for you:

Box Tree Moth Trap. Refills available

An effective biological control for Boxwood Moth.  The trap captures the moth that lay the eggs that become the dreaded caterpillar, thus breaking the life cycle.  Moths are attracted by the pheromone within the trap.  Effective for 3 months over 180sq.m.  Refills are available.  We use these on site around the nursery.