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TIP TOP Topsoil. Click & Collect. Dial & Deliver

TIP TOP Topsoil.  Click & Collect.  Dial & Deliver

Did you know that Topsoil is one of the highest searches on google in the horticulture industry? 

No need to google.

No need to look any further. 

We have it right here, on site, in stock and blended on site right here in Kent.    

Our site has a history of blending soil mixes that extends back much further than Provender Nurseries existence and we are proud to uphold this history and service to you.  A good soil is the foundation for good, strong growth and we feel that our blended topsoil options provide this by the shovelful.

The topsoils choices blended on site are available in bulk bags.  Should you need to check how much you require check our online calculator

Planting Topsoil.   High quality topsoil screened to 18mm particularly good for all round use in the garden including flower and vegetable borders. Contains 30% blended Organic Compost

Enriched Topsoil.  An organically enriched topsoil with standard mix of 50% topsoil and 50% organic garden compost for tree & shrub planting.

Click & Collect or Dial & Deliver