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Scented Delights

Scented Delights

Jasminum azoricum

White Azorean Jasmine.  Twining evergreen climber  / shrub with small clusters of purple flushed buds that open to star-shaped highly fragrant flowers in late summer.  Full sun in a well-drained soil.  Can also be used in atriums and unheated conservatories.   H4m.  S2.5m

Jasminum glaucum

A vigorous evergreen shrub producing large quantities of highly perfumed flowers in the summer months.  H1.5m.  S 1.5m

Jasminum molle

Indian Jasmine.  This exotic little number has a heady, heavy scent when in bloom.  The scented flowers are satin white and appear in clusters in late summer. 

Plumeria rubra

Frangipani.  Plumeria is a large, upright small tree with thick stems that bear long elliptic leaves that are slightly paler on the midrib.  The flowers emerge from swirling buds and are fused at the bottom and splay out at the open end.  The flowers are highly scented and produced from summer to autumn.   This delightful plant can be placed outside in the summer and brought in under protection in the winter months.  Plumeria can also be used in atriums and unheated conservatories.  NB:  all parts of the plant are toxic. 

Jasminum azoricum Jasminum glaucum