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Exotic plants with stunning red flowers

Exotic plants with stunning red flowers

Galvezia speciosa

Island Snapdragon.  This cheerful plant looks very much like an ornamental Salvia with vivid red, snapdragon like flowers that are produced in spring.  Given space it will happily reach 90cm in height and spread and smothered in rapturous red flowers. 

Metrosideros thomasii

New Zealand Christmas Bush.  Metrosideros produce large numbers of fluffy red bottlebrush-like flowers in mid-summer which look totally tropical against the slightly downy silver leaves.  It is a member of the Myrtle family.  This is an ideal plant for a protected area or in a container. 

Adenanthos sericeus

Coastal Woollybush.  This shrub is native to western Australia.  The foliage is made up of long, deeply divided needle-like lobes giving a delicate overall look and are incredibly soft to the touch.  The small flowers are bright red in colour and small.  Like all grey-leaved plants it prefers a position in full sun and a well drained soil.  This plant is a great choice for coastal situations.  Frost hardy


Galvezia speciosa Metrosideros thomasii Adenanthos sericeus