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Happy Heuchera

Happy Heuchera

Lovely little tussocks of colour that enhance many a mixed border.  Heuchera are the mainstay of many a design and with such a choice of foliage colour who can blame anyone for hankering after a Heuchera?

The choice in leaf colour enables Heuchera to be used as brilliant planting companions for a huge array of plants.  The delicate fluffy flowers are held above the foliage on tiny upright stems.  The contrast of foliage and other plant forms can be used in the ground and equally as happily in planted decorative containers and living walls.  Heuchera mix well with herbaceous perennials and small grasses as well as spring and summer bedding and bulbs. 

We have some absolutely cracking plants in stock, whole pots full of foliage, flower and interest:

  • Apple Crisp has lovely bright apple green new foliage
  • Green Spice has large green and silver leaves with attractive purple veins
  • Licorice has slightly ruffled foliage of glossy, dark burgundy
  • Marmalade has ruffled foliage of orange red with pink undersides and small red flowers in the spring
  • Plum Pudding has very deep red, dark marked leaves with tiny maroon and green flowers
  • Silver Scrolls is a neat growing form with bright silver leaves with darker veins
Heuchera Apple Crisp  Heuchera Green Spice Heuchera Licorice
Heuchera Marmalade Heuchera Plum Pudding  Heuchera Silver Scrolls