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Proven Winners - Evergreen Shrub Choice

Proven Winners - Evergreen Shrub Choice

Evergreen shrubs:

Evergreen shrubs provide year-round interest and are invaluable in any planting project providing structure and balance to mass planting, stand alone plants or as hedging options.  Within the Proven Winners range there are some excellent choices, each with different attributes. 

  • Abelia ‘Pinky Bells’.  Beautiful compact floriferous plant with big pink flowers from July to September. The new foliage changes from orange-red to shiny green.  Height 70cm. 
  • Viburnum ‘Shiny Dancer’.  This little gem really does look like its name.  An extraordinary compact Viburnum with very thick glossy dark green foliage with an attractive red margin. The foliage of this semi-evergreen plant turns rich red in fall. Abundant creamy white flowers cover this easy to grow plant in spring. Height 60cm
  • Hypericum ‘Sunny Boulevard’.  A valuable shrub for mass planting this Hypericum shines with its numerous small bright yellow flowers! The plant has naturally a very compact growing habit and flowers all summer long.  Height 70cm
  • Physocarpus ‘Tiny Wine’.  This compact plant looks fabulous all season long.  The branches are covered from bottom to top with white-pink flowers contrasting beautifully with the dark purple foliage.   Height 150cm
  • Physocarpus ‘Tiny Wine Gold’.  This easy to maintain plant has brilliant yellow new growth and beautiful refined yellow green foliage. During bloom the branches are covered from bottom to top with white-pink flowers.  Height 120cm


Abelia 'Pinky Bells'                                   Viburnum 'Shiny Dancer'       Hypericum ' Sunny Boulevard'                                    Physocarpus 'Tiny Wine'       Physocarpus 'Tiny Wine Gold'