Clothe the walls with a touch of unusual.

Clothe the walls with a touch of unusual.

In amongst our climbers section you will find this lovely lot listed below as well as some not listed.  Get in and have a rummage. 

  • Actinidia pilosula.  Long narrow green leaves with variegated leaf tips of white and pink.  Happy in sun or partial shade.  The sunnier the position, the better the leaf colour will be.  Pink bell shaped flowers from May to July.  Resistant to Honey Fungus.  Height 6m.  Spread 6m. 
  • Billardiera longiflora.  Climbing Blueberry.  A slender, wiry-stemmed climber with lance-shaped evergreen leaves and scented pale green flowers in the summer.  Shiny purple berries follow in September to October.  Happy in either sun or shade.   Height 2m.
  • Holboellia latifolia.  Sausage Vine.  A vigorous climber with dark green leaves that are tinged purple in spring on the new growth. Small greenish white male flowers and purple female flowers are borne in racemes in spring. The flowers are sometimes followed by sausage-shaped red-purple fruit. Height to 5 metres.
  • Hydrangea anomala Crug Coral.  A climbing Hydrangea with dusky red flowers that fade to pink and cream with age.  Great in both sun and shade.  Great for shady walls.  Height 15m
  • Hydrangea petiolaris Silver Lining.  Self-clinging climber with variegated leaves, silver - white edges to the leaves.  The flat creamy lacecap type flowers appear in mid summer.Ideal for a north facing wall. Height 3 metres.
  • Muehlenbeckia complexa.  This wiry little number is a bit of a favourite of ours at Provender Nurseries.  Also known as the Maiden Hair Vine.  Wiry stems with tiny dark green leaves and white flowers. Vigorous creeping shrub good as a ground cover and or as a climber. Plant in sun or part shade. Frost hardy. Avoid cold winds
  • Pilosetgia viburnoides.  Also known as the Climbing hydrangea.  Hardy evergreen, self clinging, free flowering climber with attractive bronze young growth. Small star shaped flowers in late summer and autumn. Well drained soil in sun or shade. Height 4 metres.
  • Trachelospermum asiaticum Theta.  This ornamental Star Jasmine has narrow foliage of dark grey-green with a silver midrib and a leathery texture. As with all Trachelospermum the scented cream-white flowers are freely produced in the summer.  Sun to semi-shade aspect in soil that is moist but well-drained.

Actinidia pilosula.

Billardiera longiflora.

Hydrangea petiolaris Silver Lining.

Trachelospermum asiaticum Theta.