Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’

Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’

Beautiful Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’. Known as the Chinese Red Birch due to the satin-like deep orange bark that peels to reveal layers of variable colours. The underside of the peeling bark is almost cinnamon in colour and extremely shiny too. This gem of a tree is well worth searching out.

Betula are a tree with many seasons of interest to sing its praises. The branches are quite dark in colour accentuating the orange of the main stem in the winter. In spring Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’ bears catkins that are longer than most Betula. It is a slow growing tree and will take its time getting to the eventual height of 10m.

Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’ are an excellent choice for a multi-stem tree in smaller spaces.

Remember to use Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi for increased nutrient and water uptake.

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