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Time to water

Time to water


You should be watering your plants if you’re not already.

You may be thinking, why are we sharing about watering your plants and schemes now after the amount of rainfall we have experienced? At this time of year, we are planning our irrigation for the spring, summer and autumn. We suggest that for happy, healthy plants that can sustain growth for the growing season ahead that a little planning now goes a long way later in the year.

Spring so far has been windy, which can cause plants to lose a lot of water from their leaves placing stress on the root system to sustain the amount of water needed to support healthy growth. With high winds, watering is essential, especially with newly planted trees and shrubs.

Summer is on the horizon and brings warmer weather. In the summer there are a multitude of plants doing their thing in full swing. Flowering, leaf growth, keeping pests at bay and setting fruit all of which require as good level of water available at the roots. Plants are around 80% water. They need to get that from somewhere - that is where you come in.

Tom, our resident irrigation specialist is already busy setting up the irrigation on site from our tree fields to our shrub beds.

We are planning for the growing season ahead. We suggest that you do to.

Be more Tom!

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