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Clover Turf

Clover Turf

We are delighted to add Clover Turf to our range of turf available. 

Brilliant for bees and pollinators, excellent drought resilience, no additional fertilising required, durable and pet friendly.

Clover turf is low maintenance with reduced mowing requirements.  It is a great product for increasing Biodiversity Net Gain as the flowers attract bees and other pollinators.

Clover roots are nitrogen fixing eliminating the need for any additional fertiliser and drawing water from deep in the soil reducing irrigation requirements.  Clover will choke other weeds helping to reduce attacks by chafer grubs and leather jackets again reducing the use of chemicals. 

Due to the nature of the deeper roots, Clover Turf is also great for preventing erosion and will grow in most soils including nitrogen poor soil.  It even tolerates shaded areas better than normal turf. 

  • Clover Turf is 100% plastic free
  • Available to order only
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Collection and delivery available  
  • £7.80 per roll before trade discounts are applied (10%)
  • Lay on Provender Planting Top Soil as with normal turf
  • Clover Lawns are pet friendly.  Urine does not cause unsightly patches

Phone 01322 662 315 to place an order or for any other questions. 

You can see why we love Clover Turf and we know you will too. 

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