Topiary Taxus now in

Topiary Taxus now in

You may remember the new introduction of Taxus baccata Renke’s Little Green last year, the great new dwarf growing Taxus?

Well, we now have some more plants in stock and some added topiary extras – exciting stuff!

This new little Taxus has no central leader resulting in the production of lots of side shoots. This means this little Taxus wants to stay just that – little. The abundance of side shoots results in dense foliage cover and tight topiary. Reaching the dizzying height of around 80cm, Taxus Renke’s Little Green is the tip top choice for small topiary.

Cones: 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm, 60-70cm

Balls: (dia)25-30cm, 35-40cm, 50cm, 50-55cm

Flat-topped ball: (dia) 60-70cm

Hedging options: 9cm pot 15-20cm, 10.5cm pot 15-20cm, 2L pot 20-30cm

Taxus ‘Renke’s Little Green’ is still relatively new to the market so larger sizes are not easily available.

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