Time for Topbuxus

Time for Topbuxus

There are some new additions to the extremely popular Topbuxus feed / health mix.

Used by growers of Buxus across Europe, the Topbuxus range is TOP NOTCH when planting and growing Buxus.

Topbuxus Grow is available in 3 sizes, each in a resealable container. This fast-acting fertiliser is specifically formulated for use on Buxus plants. Apply 3 times a year in mid-April, mid-June and mid-August for deep green foliage. Simple and easy to apply in granular form around the base of the plant.

Topbuxus Moth Trap + Pheromones is for use in the garden to monitor the presence of male Box Tree Moths. They are attracted to the pheromone in the trap from which they cannot escape resulting in breaking the life cycle. Each syringe in the pack lasts for 100 days.

Topbuxus Moth Trap Pheromone Refill. Refill syringes for the trap above.

And of course, Topbuxus Health Mix is available in 3 sizes. A foliar feed that is simple to use and very effective. 100% natural formula.

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