Healthy Roots, Healthy Plants

Healthy Roots, Healthy Plants

If you are planting any plants this year using Rootgrow will benefit your plants immensely.

Rootgrow is as old as the trees and is beneficial to all roots and plants. Rootgrow contains an essential fungi to aid plant establishment. The fungi colonises the plant roots feeding off the sugars produced and in exchange helps to transport water and nutrients back to the plants roots effectively increasing the root surface enabling the plant to take up more nutrients and water.

Using Rootgrow results in less fertiliser requirements, faster establishment, reduced failure rate, increased drought tolerance and increases yields in fruit crops.

If you have already planted, it is not too late to apply Rootgrow, look for our After Plant options for Ericaceous, Evergreen and Tree and Shrub plantings.

Rootgrow is created in Kent and is part of our GOING GREEN range. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

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