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Container Planting. The Dreaded Weevil. Nematodes

Vine weevil can be a real issue if found in containerised planting schemes.  They seem to prefer to feed on ornamental plants grown in containers.  It is the grubs that do the damage as they eat on the roots.  The adults cause damage on the leaves cutting notches from the leaf margins. 

An infestation becomes apparent in the spring and summer when the leaves are eaten by the adults causing the tell-tale notches that are an absolute indication of a Vine Weevil infestation.  The adults are active at night at this time of year and are usually found crawling across patios and under leaves in dark places where they like to hide. 

Although the adult causes damage to the leaves it is the larvae that cause the most damage as they eat the roots of the plants causing the plants to wilt and die.  The grubs tend to be more active in the autumn months but once you see signs of damage by the adults at this time of year then it is time to treat the affected pots.

The best treatment for Vine Weevil is Neudorff Nematodes.  Nematodes are small roundworms that are completely safe for people, pets and plants.  Nematodes do not harm any bees, butterflies or any other beneficial insects.  The only things they do harm are Vine Weevils!

Nematodes work by eating the larval stage and will die off themselves naturally once the host / food is all gone.  Unlike most nematodes, Neudorff nematodes do not need to be kept refrigerated and have a shelf life of 6 months so can be kept and re-applied if and when necessary.

Vine Weevil Free Nematodes:

  • Quick and effective
  • Easy to apply – either a watering can or using a Nemasprayer
  • Apply directly to the soil surface
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Safe for children and pets.  Treated areas can be entered immediately after application. 
  • Will start to work immediately
  • Start to work in soil temperatures between 10 and 300C
  • One to two applications during the growing season should be enough
  • Best applied on warm summer nights

Neudorff Nematodes are also available for Leatherjackets and Lawn Grubs / Chafer Grubs.