Container Planting. Alpines and Herbs

Container Planting.  Alpines and Herbs

For a sunny spot or a problem window sill then Alpines in containers are an easy answer.  They require excellent drainage and will need gravel added to the compost and as much sun as you can possibly give them.  For best results use 50/50 grit and John Innes No 2. 

Herbs are also a natural choice for planting in containers in sunny areas.  The aromatic oils in the leaves of Herbs will benefit from the sun.  A cluster of containers near the house or seating area is a great addition to any garden especially if there is no space in the garden for herbs to be planted in the soil. 

Not all herbs like a dry well drained soil. Chives, Mint and Coriander prefer slightly more moisture in the soil and would benefit from the addition of Watergel to the compost.

Most herbs grown in containers are not a permanent planting choice and will need to be replaced and replenished every three years or so.



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