Container Planting. Laurus nobilis

Container Planting.  Laurus nobilis

Laurus nobilis is probably the most popular plant choice for container planting especially for something a little more formal in look e.g. either side of an entrance to a garden or house. 

The Latin name is derived from Laurus meaning verdant and nobilis meaning noble.  And indeed a noble green tree it certainly is.  Bathed in history and many a mythical tale Laurus nobilis is one of the oldest plants used in cultivation today.  Laurus wreaths were initially worn as a status symbol for kings, poets and winners of athletic games back in ancient Greek and Roman days.  Laurus wreaths were also rumoured to be worn for their protective properties and were believe it or not thought to offer the wearer protection during thunderstorms, although we would not recommend this as a reliable form of protection!

So, our trimmed and shaped Laurus nobilis that we so love today has come a long way in the history of time and still continues to provide us with ornamental and culinary uses.  Aromatic, attractive evergreen foliage is a huge part of the appeal along with the formal shapes and forms that are so readily available. 

As such a popular choice in pots, when selecting containers for Laurus nobilis choose a pot that is at least 8cm larger than the existing pot and use John Innes No 3 with a mix of multipurpose compost for sustained growth for a few years.  Laurus nobilis will need feeding on a regular basis.  Use a slow release fertiliser at least once per growing season for best results. 

Cones, balls, standards, half standards, quarter standards, three quarter standards, spiral stems and double spiral standards are now easily available and in stock here at Provender Nurseries. 

Recently introduced to the market are two new Laurus with markedly different leaves:

  • Laurus nobilis ‘Angustifolia’ has long willowy leaves with a slight wave to the edge of the leaf adding to its aesthetic qualities.  This relatively new introduction has a denser habit than straight Laurus nobilis and has proved to be slightly more hardy too according to the growers. 
  • Laurus nobilis ‘Bay Junior’ is another compact, dense growing introduction making it an ideal choice for topiary standards and balls. Slightly slower growing than ordinary Laurus nobilis means less pruning too – what more could you want?
Laurus nobilis Angustifolia Cone 150cm  Laurus nobilis Bay Junior close up  Laurus nobilis Ball 


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