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Container Planting. Phormium

Container Planting.  Phormium

When planting in containers as solo specimens top-dress the soil with a decorative aggregate to really accentuate the form of the plant. 

If planting in a mixed choice of plants plant the Phormium towards the back of the pot so more lower mixed planting can be added towards the front of the pot.  Whichever way you decide to plant Phormium are happy in containers and will need repotting every 3 years or so.

Many Phormium reach only 1.2m in height or under which is a perfect height for use in containers.  We have a wide choice of leaf colour and sizes that reach 1.2m and below to choose from:

  • Phormium Alison Blackman.  Olive green leaves with thin orange / red margins.  A slight arching habit reaching 1.2m in height. 
  • Phormium Black Velvet.  Compact upright growth with arching dark marron, almost black leaves reaching 1m in height.
  • Phormium Bronze Baby.  Stunning bronze leaves reaching 1m in height.
  • Phormium Brown Sugar.  Slightly arching habit reaching 1m in height.  The leaf is variegated green with brown and cream defined linear stripes.
  • Phormium Chocmint.  A recent introduction with deep chocolate brown leaves and broad mint green margins.  Height 1m
  • Phormium Cream Delight.  Cream leaves with green strips. A compact plant up to 1m in height. 
  • Phormium Evening Glow.  Green margins with rich claret centres to the margins.  Height 75cm
  • Phormium Jessie.  The leaves reach 75cm in height with pink centres and limey green margins.
  • Phormium Jester.  Red pink central variegation with green margins.  Height 1m.
  • Phormium Maori Maiden.  Leaves are bronze-green in colour with a rose/ red stripe.  Height 90cm
  • Phormium Pink Panther.  Stiff upright green foliage with pink variegation.  Height 90cm
  • Phormium Sundowner.  Rigid leaves striped with grey / purple and creamy pink.  Height 90cm
  • Phormium Yellow Wave.  Erect leaves, yellow in colour with green stripes.  Height 1m.
Evening Glow Cream Delight Pink Panther