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Container Planting. Composts. What is the difference?

Container Planting.  Composts.  What is the difference?

For happy plants in pots you must select the correct compost for the job otherwise your plant will forever be struggling.  The choice for compost can appear overwhelming at first and we often get asked which soil people should use for particular situations in particular for planting in pots.  Here we aim to help take the mystery out of the choice and make it simpler to select the right compost for the right situation.

  • Ericaceous compost.  A lime free (low pH) compost for acid loving plants.  (John Innes & Bulrush)
  • John Innes Composts are soil based and do not break down over time like other composts.
    • John Innes 1.  A blend of loam, peat, grit and added nutrients.  This compost blend has a perfectly balanced nutrient content for use on most young plants / seedlings
    • John Innes 2.  A blend of loam, peat, grit and added nutrients.  This blend is commonly used for re-potting of vegetable plants.  Contains double the amount of nutrients in John Innes 1
    • John Innes 3.  A blend of loam, peat, grit and added nutrients and the richest mixture of the John Innes.  Used for final re-potting of vegetable plants and mature shrubs.  Perfect for use in most outdoor containers
  • John Innes seed.  A traditional mix that contains the correct blend of nutrients for most seed for early development of roots and shoots.
  • Multipurpose.  125L Growise.  70% peat based multipurpose blended wetting agents and with essential plant nutrients to encourage and sustain healthy growth
  • Multipurpose.  Rosedale.  Rosedale multi-purpose compost is a blend of Professional grade peat and bark fines combined with a 15-10-20 base fertiliser and trace elements. It provides excellent aeration and moisture retention. This premium mix will feed for up to 6 weeks, providing the perfect environment for roots to establish and plants to flourish.  Only available at Provender Nurseries. 
  • Tref Professional Container Mix Compost.  Professional grade potting compost, use for hanging baskets, pots and containers. The blend is; 70% Baltic white peats, high air content even when wet - 20% pine bark, keeps the compost open - 10% humic compost, this contains beneficial micro-organisms, minerals and slow release trace elements - 1KG of starter fertiliser N P K.
  • Grow Bag.  This three plant bag is ideal for growing crops such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Melons, Aubergines, courgettes, Herbs and Strawberries.
  • Peat Free Compost.  100% Peat free with added plant nutrients.  Potting on rooted cuttings, pricking out seedlings, sowing seeds, planting up containers & tree & shrub planting.
  • Provender Lightweight Mix.  Blended with rooftop planting in mind where weight and drainage are an issue. Also ideal for Mediterranean planting. 50% Peat, 15% Hydroleca, 30% Organic, 5% Screened Top Soil.

For permanent shrub planting in pots a mix of multipurpose and John Innes No 3 is ideal for longer term sustained growth. The John Innes 3 contains enough nutrients to keep shrubs happy for at least one growing season.

For seasonal planting in pots any of the Multi-purpose options will be fine.