Flowering Hedge Options for Pollinators

Flowering Hedge Options for Pollinators

Sometimes a hedge needs flowers too for that certain added extra interest. Two popular choices for flowering hedges are Escallonia and Lavender, both provide permanent features and both provide valuable food sources for pollinators.

Escallonia and Lavender will produce very different hedges due to their differing growth habits.

Escallonia has bright red, pink or white flowers produced from summer through to autumn against the backdrop of the luxuriant, glossy green foliage. The flowers are small and trumpet-like and held perfectly against the luxuriant, glossy evergreen leaves. Being plants that love a sunny position, they are popular with honeybees, bumblebees and butterflies too.

Escallonia can reach an ultimate height of 3m but are best kept to around 1.5-2m for a formal hedge. Great for coastal and exposed areas.

Lavender will also flower for much of the summer attracting pollinators and will form a lower, slightly more informal hedge. Flowers range from deep purple to blue against the greyish foliage and of course delicious scent. On the whole, s will reach around 1-1.2m in height when in flower. For fragrance in a summer garden, has to be a top choice.

Both benefit from pruning after flowering to maintain shape, definition and general overall plant health.

Whichever choice you opt for, the pollinators will thank you for it.

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