Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

Mediterranean style terracotta pots are perfect for planting Citrus plants in and all other Mediterranean style plants.  The pots somehow set off the plants perfectly and add that certain finishing touch to a Mediterranean look.

There is a huge choice of terracotta pots here on site at Provender Nurseries to suit any look, budget or style. 

Many of the Mediterranean style pots have a decorative finish or heavy rims to them such as

  • Olive Cylinder Pot with an olive branch on each side of the pot
  • Bordato Festonato Pot with garlands
  • Arezzo Conca Terracotta has very heavy decorative rims

Of course a decorative pot does not have to be planted they can also be used as focal points to great effect. 

If heavy is not your style then checkout the Primitivo Conico terracotta pots which have a decorative swirl in the finish – great for something a little more contemporary in your Mediterranean garden.

There are 2 colours available; Graphite and White.

Olive Terracotta Pot Conico Pot.  Graphite finish

Bordato Festonato Pot with garlands


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