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10 Aug 2018

Hemerocallis Months and months of flower

Hemerocallis are commonly known as the Daylily as each bloom lasts a day. However with the sheer number of flowers these stalwart plants produce you will still enjoy 2 - 3 months of flower at least.

Hemerocallis are very resilient as well as rather engaging. They are resistant to deer and rabbits and happy in a clay soil that can become very dry in the summer months and almost waterlogged in the winter months. The humble Hemerocallis can withstand the lot.

Hemerocallis will benefit form a sprinkle of slow release fertiliser early in the season. The stems are strong and will hold themselves upright with no extra support needed. They will be happy in the ground and equally so in pots although they may require a little more water in containers.

Hemerocallis enjoy sun to partial shade and will produce a huge amount of short-lived blooms in either situation. A mulch in the autumn is beneficial to further growth the following year. Remove any spent flower stems to the base and you will be rewarded with even more flowers.

The flowers are small- medium trumpet shaped jewels in a range of colours from creams to brazen red. The most popular varieties tend to be red, orange, yellow or variations of all colours.

We do have a new Hemerocallis in stock that is a delicious pink- purple with a yellow throat - ‘Nick’s Double Pick’. But we have a deep velvety purple Hemerocallis that goes by the name of ‘Bogeyman’ in stock.

‘Kitten’ also deserves a mention with dusty orange, double blooms. However the one that sings out at the moment is ‘Lemon Bells’ with pure bright yellow flowers and an orange stripe to the back of the petal - sublime.

In this heat, Hemerocallis will flower their socks off and return next year with the same vigour as if nothing has happened at all.

We now carry a range of Hemerocallis in 12L pots for an instant flurry of fantastic flowers.

Hemrocallis 'Lemon Bells'