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12 Jun 2018

Cornus - there is more! Flowering Dogwood

Cornus dance into your life and leaves you all the better for it. The display of colourful bracts can bring a smile and slight feeling of wonder to anyone when viewed in all their splendour at this time of year. This year seems to be producing some excellent displays due to the wet and cool weather over the winter months.

Alongside the ever elegant Cornus kousa there are some other fabulous ornamental Cornus to consider

Colourful bracts are produced in clusters in shades of white, cream , green and pink in the summer months in clusters.  Gracefully shaped shrubs that really deserve a place in any garden particularly when the autumn foliage is dazzling with reds and orange.

‘Venus’ is a recent introduction that has HUGE white bracts the size of your hand – a guaranteed showstopper.  Red - orange - yellow leaf colour in the autumn and large red fruits add to the drama of this fabulous plant.

florida ‘Rainbow’ has a dense, compact habit with leaves margined deep yellow that turn deep red-purple with scarlet margins in the autumn.  Large white bracts in summer

‘Eddie’s White Wonder’ is a stunning choice with large white bracts.  The leaves turn a blaze of red / orange and yellow in the autumn . 

nuttallii ‘Ascona’ has white bracts that are sometimes flushed pink.  Excellent atumn foliage colour of orange- red - purple and large red fruits.  Height 5m

Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder'


Cornus 'Venus'

Cornus nuttalli 'Ascona'