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12 Mar 2018

Delightful Daphne

Daphne mez Rubra

Daphne mezereum 'Rubra'

Daphne Perfume Princess  Daphne Perfume Princess

Daphne Perfume Princess

You have to love a Daphne like most winter flowering shrubs the scent is strong and in the case of Daphne have a citrus hint to the fragrance too. Sniff them out …

Intoxicating, sweetly scented almost crystalline flowers are happily produced in small clusters in February to July depending on variety. It is best planted where its scent can be appreciated and in combination with other late winter flowering shrubs.

Daphne requires a sheltered position and do not require pruning. Once planted, leave well alone as they are really not keen on any type of root disturbance. In a moist, well drained Daphne will continue to grow quite happily. Add plenty of organic matter when planting too just to get them off to the best start you can possibly give them.

  • bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’ is semi-evergreen with highly fragrant purple-pink and white flowers
  • burkwoodii ‘Somerset’ is semi-evergreen with fragrant pink to white flowers
  • burkwoodii ‘Astrid’ has long, thin grey-green variegated leaves with a cream edge. Purple – pink scented flowers are produced from May to July
  • mezeruem Rubra flowers on upright bare stems with fragrant purple flowers in February to March
  • odora ‘Aureomarginata’ has heady, pale pink heavily scented flowers held above small, narrow lance shaped leaves with small yellow margins. Evergreen and easy to grow in comparison to other Daphne
  • ‘Perfume Princess’ is a new introduction and is one of the earliest to flower from March onwards. Subtle pink flowers that fade to white have a strong citrus scent
  • X transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragrance’ reaches a height of 70cm and is semi-evergreen. Pink buds open to white highly scented flowers in April and can continue sporadically until October!

Check out our Spotlight on Daphne video for some information.

Daphne x tra Eternal Fragrance   Daphne odora Aureomarginata

Daphne x tra. Eternal Fragrance                                    Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata'


Daphne burkwoodii 'Astrid'