Fantastic Foliage

Fantastic Foliage

Following on from the fantastic foliage of Ensete, our Plant of the Month for September, we thought we would throw the spotlight on some other fantastic foliage bed fellows that are strutting their funky foliage this month and for many months beyond:

Fatsia japonica.  Good old Fatsia japonica with large dramatic dark green palmate leaves. An absolute classic of a plant. 

Fatsia japonica Spider’s Web.  Dwarf growing Fatsia with white irregular markings to the leaf.  Perfect for brightening up a dark corner. 

Fatsia polycarpa Green Fingers.  Relatively new to the Fatsia family but happily earning its rightful place amongst the Fatsia family with matt green leaves with deeply divided palmate leaves.  Small in stature reaching a height of 2m with a bushy evergreen habit.  

Musa acuminata Dwarf Cavendish.  Dwarf Banana with long oblong shaped leaves.  Yellow flowers followed by yellow fruits.  This dwarf banana can also be used in interior planting. 

Musa lasiocarpa.  The Hardy Golden Lotus Banana.  Bold dramatic leaves and long lasting yellow flowers.  Native to China and tolerant of frosts.  Once thought to be extinct until a plant was rediscovered in the Himalayas. 

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