5L Hosta Special Offer – good enough to eat with those names!

5L Hosta Special Offer – good enough to eat with those names!

Just in and looking splendid a choice of seven Hosta in 5L pots at a special one off price.

Normally £18.50 at retail.........now a special of £15.00 before your trade discounts.

Frances Williams is a popular choice with grey foliage and yellow-beige margins.  Tall mauve flower spikes.  Height 1m

Jurassic Park is an impressive Hosta choice with its large rounded dark green crinkled leaves that once mature can reach 120cm in height! Prominent veining on the leaf becomes more prominent as the leave mature

Fragrant Bouquet has apple green foliage with cream margins and funnel shaped, very fragrant white flowers

Blue Stilton has large, deeply cupped intensely coloured, rounded blue leaves.  Pale lavender - white flowers in summer.  Height 50cm

Marmalade on Toast forms a mound of small lime puckered blue-green leaves with a wavy margin and white flowers in the summer.  Height 70cm

Buckshaw Blue has heart-shaped glaucous deep blue- green leaves.  Grey-white flowers in summer.  Height 40cm

Enchiladas will stand out from the crowd with its dark green and yellow heart-shaped leaves.  The splash of yellow in the centre of the leaves is surrounded by a dark green irregular margin.  Fragrant lavender coloured flowers.  Height 50cm

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