Myrtus. Summer Scent

Myrtus.  Summer Scent

Filling the nursery with scent and reminiscent of summer holidays, the sweet heady scent of Myrtus (Myrtle).

All Myrtus form a rounded shrub with evergreen small pointed leaves and produce profusely scented white flowers with prominent stamens in June – August.  We have in stock:

  • Myrtus communis is known as Common Myrtle and often used in wedding bouquets
  • Myrtus communis tarentina has smaller leaves than communis.  Can be used for topiary
  • Myrtus communis ‘Variegata’ has creamy-white variegated leaves

Great for coastal gardens, in pots, for topiary and for filling a garden with scent. 

Available in

  • Half standards
  • Bush


Myrtus communis                         Myrtus communis tarentina     Myrtus communis ‘Variegata’

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