Ericaceous plants. Magnolia for the connoisseur

Ericaceous plants.  Magnolia for the connoisseur

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year.  The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers.  All Magnolia like a good depth of soil, plenty of moisture with early flowering Magnolias requiring a little shelter from cold drying winds. A neutral to acid soil and regular mulching in a sunny to shady site will result in a happy healthy plant that will flower happily for many years to come.

With a range of Magnolia that beats most wholesale suppliers we have some fantastic varieties in stock from 10L up to 4m standards.

Now for something a little different.  For the Magnolia connoisseur :

  • Magnolia yunnanensis (Syn:  Magnolia laevifolia).  Leathery evergreen leaves that are shiny beneath.  Coppery-red buds open to reveal white scented flowers in large numbers in May to June.  The flowers has a slightly pale green centre.  A second flush of flowers can appear in the autumn.  Height 2m.
  • Magnolia sieboldii is a delight to behold with fragrant white cup-shaped flowers from June to August followed by spectacular crimson fruits.  Height 2.5m.
  • Magnolia x thompsoniana ‘Olmenhof’.  This Magnolia forms a large shrub / small tree with large fragrant white flowers and shiny green leaves with a silvery underside.  Height 6m
  • Magnolia ‘Tikitere’ produces very large vase-shaped flowers up to 25cm across that are pink on the outside and white on the inside.  Height 6m
  • Magnolia wilsonii.   Unlike all the Magnolias mentioned so far Magnolia wilsonii flowers droop but are well worth laying on the ground for! Pendant white cup-shaped flowers with crimson stamens in late spring and early summer.  Height 8m
  • Magnolia zenii has highly scented small white flowers with a pink-purple streak at the base of each petal.  Height 8m
  • Magnolia tripetala.  Known as the Umbrella Magnolia due to the clusters of leaves at the end of each branch tip. Large lemon-scented creamy white flowers with longer, thinner than average petals are produced from April to May.  Height 10m
Magnolia x thompsoniana ‘Olmenhof’ Magnolia sieboldii Magnolia wilsonii


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