Ericaceous plants. Magnolia 5-8m

Ericaceous plants.  Magnolia 5-8m

There are many popular Magnolias used in gardens to this day as they have not faded in popularity since the first Magnolia was first introduced to the UK in 1726. The deciduous types generally flower on bare stems before the foliage emerges and are often followed by a smaller flush of flowers later on. Flowering on bare stems it is thought that Magnolias were originally pollinated by beetles as Magnolias appeared on earth before Bees did.

Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today? 

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year.  The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers.  All Magnolia like a good depth of soil, plenty of moisture with early flowering Magnolias requiring a little shelter from cold drying winds. A neutral to acid soil and regular mulching in a sunny to shady site will result in a happy healthy plant that will flower happily for many years to come.

With a range of Magnolia that beats most wholesale suppliers we have some fantastic varieties in stock from 10L up to 4m standards.

Height 5-8m

  • Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ forms a conical shaped tree with fragrant yellow flowers fading to cream.  Height 5m
  • Magnolia ‘March Til Frost’ as the name suggests has a long flowering period with pale pink flowers appearing sporadically from March through until September. Height 5m
  • Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Alba Superba’ is often used in front gardens in towns and so is very familiar to many.  The large white flowers are slightly flushed purple at the base.  Height 5m
  • Magnolia ‘Vulcan’.  Unusual goblet shaped flowers that almost curl back on themselves of light pink-purple to purple-red in colour in early spring. Height 6m
  • Magnolia ‘David Clulow’.   An unusual variety with large white cup-shaped flowers with a pink flush at the base in the spring followed by fruits in the autumn. Neutral to acid soil. One of the earliest to flower in the spring.  Height up to 6m
  • Magnolia ‘Livingstone’ is a new introduction from New Zealand with an upright habit and vibrant red – purple flowers.  Height 6m
  • Magnolia ‘Honey Tulip’.    A new variety with honey coloured flowers in spring. Height 6m
  • Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’.  Very dark purple tulip - goblet shaped flowers in spring. Perfect for a feature plant. Height 7m
  • Magnolia ‘Heaven Scent’.  Forms a spreading large shrub or small tree with goblet-shaped flowers – pink inside and white outside in mid spring to early summer. Height 7m
  • Magnolia salicifolia ‘Wada’s Memory’.   A mass of fragrant white flowers on a conical shaped in spring.  Height 8m
Elizabeth x soulangeana Alba Superba Black Tulip


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