Taxus Root Ball Hedging – Going the EXTRA mile

Taxus Root Ball Hedging – Going the EXTRA mile

Each year Taxus baccata root ball hedging arrives and the hedging planting season can start in earnest.

The quoting team have all the prices and sizes at their fingertips ready to help you price your root ball hedging enquiries. 

Meanwhile, let me whet your appetite with our range of tantalising Taxus we have in stock:

  • 180-200cm EXTRA
  • 160-180cm EXTRA
  • 140-160cm EXTRA
  • 120-140cm
  • 100-120cm
  • 80-100cm

We search high and low for the best quality, good sized taxus that give an instant dense hedge on planting.  Our range of taxus of 140cm and over are labelled EXTRA.  This means these plants are EXTRA heavy (not weight!) and larger plants than most available so less are needed per metre. 


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