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Not Just Any Old Cement

Not Just Any Old Cement

Hanson Multicem Cement and Hanson Premium Kiln Dried Sand

If you’ve not quite finished that lockdown project then look no further.  We have in stock Hanson Multicem Cement.  Now, this is no ordinary cement, this is the Marks and Spencer of cements I am told. 

It has an additive to improve workability and creates a fluffy mix that is ideal for mortar, cement, render and screed.  It also has enhanced frost resistance when hardened and remains durable in frost and cold weather.

All packed into a plastic weatherproof bag that means this can be stored externally if required without ‘going off’ - no need for dry storage

Hanson Premium Kiln Dried Sand

Kiln Dried Sand is very fine, dry sand that contains no moisture at all.  For use in block paving and is ideal for use with concrete or natural stone slabs.  Brush between the joints of paving to prevent movement of the blocks / slabs and keeps the paving structure strong.  Kiln Dried Sand also aids drainage and prevents water seeping down between paving blocks / slabs.    

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