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Natural Slug Control

Natural Slug Control

Alongside spending lots of time in the garden the other most popular place for many at the moment appears to be allotments.  Never has Grow Your Own been so popular.  And never have slugs had such a feast! Now, don’t let all that hard work be enjoyed by slimy critters – we have some organic, pet and child friendly options to help rid you of slugs. 

Slug Gone Wool Barrier 10L.  Made from recycled wool forms a mulch around the plant that acts as an irritant. 

Sluggo Slug and Snail Killer 1kg and 650g micro-pellets.  5g per metre should do the trick.  Rain resistant. 

Slug Defence Gel Organic.  1L.  Forms a barrier to prevent damage to plants.  Colourless, odourless and pet friendly. 

Copper Slug Tape 4m and 5m length tape.  This method acts as a deterrent by causing a shock-like sensation to the slug.