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Compost comes and goes

Compost comes and goes

So – grab it while you can!  We know how popular compost has been over the last few months and we have some lines that are out of stock for now.  In particular most of the John Innes range which is on order and due in but as yet we have no confirmed delivery date.  We will let you know when it arrives here in stock. 

All is not lost as held on site is our own Rosedale Multi Purpose Compost.  Exclusive to Provender Nurseries and blended to a professional mix of graded peat and bark fines with a 15- 10- 20 base fertiliser and trace elements to support healthy growth. The blend provides excellent aeration for healthy root growth and moisture retention.  Many of our regular clients use Rosedale and now don’t use anything else.  Available in 60L bags

Back in stock now also is Melcourt Peat Free Compost in 50L bags.  100% peat free with added plant nutrients.   

Whichever your choice grab a bag or two and keep in the garden or the back of the van as you’ll never know when you’ll be needing some.